What equipment does the edible oil filling production line include?

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Update:Oct, 25 /2023

The edible oil industry has always been popular, attracting many entrepreneurs who are eager to open edible oil packaging factories. However, configuring the equipment for the edible oil filling production line has always been a problem. The edible oil filling production line is the core element of packaging edible oil. Now, HZM Machinery will explain in detail to you what equipment is needed for a complete edible oil filling production line!

edible oil filling production line

The entire edible oil packaging process can be divided into three main parts: early preparation, mid-term packaging, and post-packaging. Based on this division, we can roughly divide the edible oil filling production line into the following stages: early preparation, mid-term packaging, and post-packaging.

The equipment in the early preparation stage mainly includes: oil press, bottle blowing machine, bottle washing machine, etc. The equipment used before the preparation process is relatively simple.

The equipment in the mid-term packaging stage is relatively complex, including edible oil filling machines, light inspection equipment, bottle cap positioning machines, crawler capping machines, automatic ring pressing machines, inkjet printers, and labeling machines. These devices come in a variety of sizes and models and can be configured according to your needs.

Equipment in the later packaging stage includes: carton unpacking machines, cartoning machines, carton sealing machines, and palletizers, etc., which are mainly used to pack oil bottles or barrels for transportation.

In addition, depending on the customer's specific requirements, such as floor layout, bottle type and filling range, the following additional equipment can also be selected: bottle clamping conveyor line, screw conveyor, vertical flap conveyor, vertical automatic cartoning machine, automatic capping Machine, cap locking machine, rubber cap shrinking machine, large character inkjet printer, heat shrink packaging machine, weight inspection machine and other related equipment.

To sum up, the entire edible oil filling production line covers multiple stages and equipment. Depending on the production scale and capacity requirements, some equipment can be selected, supplemented by manual operations, to complete the entire production line.

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