Automatic Can Packaging Machine

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Update:Oct, 24 /2023

Automatic Can Packaging Machine are mainly used in industries such as food and beverage, dairy, brewery, condiments, etc., and are production equipment designed for efficient and precise filling and can sealing.

Applicable Customers : Beverage manufacturing plants, breweries, food production facilities, condiment manufacturing plants.

Function : Filling, packaging

Can Capacity : 200ML~500ML (customizable)

Production Capacity : 2,000 to 20,000 cans per hour.

Price: Request a quote.

Can Filling Machine section

it adopts PLC to control the whole machine operation.The air conveyor or screw unit is used in the inlet part and the chain conveying system in used in the outlet part.The speed can be adjusted and cooperated with the main inverter.This machine is suitable for bottled soda water,csd products etc with capacity range from 4000bph to 36000bph based on 500ml volume.

Can Packaging Machine section


1. Compact &artistic shape. The frame is novel, unique.
2. Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film.
3. Isothermal sealing cutter .The seal intensity is above cooling sealing cutter 3 times, the seal is even and the life is above cooling sealing cutter 80 times.
4. Transport system with speed regulation by frequency variation, the transmission action is precise and synchro.
5.The shrinkage chamber uses centrifugal thermal air circulation system, configuration is logical, heat insulation heat preservation, thermostat precision is high and the packing effect is better.

We are a comprehensive professional supplier of liquid beverage packaging machinery, which integrates development, manufacture and sales. It has successively introduced several modern CNC processing equipment from the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. At present, it has about 50 million fixed assets.We can supply Turn-key project and have professional engineers for after-sales service.At present, the equipment is exported to domestic and overseas markets more than 30 regions and countries. Welcome more friends come to negotiate and consult.

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