Packaging Process for Canned Beer

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Update:Oct, 20 /2023

Packaging Process: Cans → Empty Can Unloading Palletizer → Chain Conveyor → Washing Machine → Filling Machine → Sealing Machine → Pasteurization Machine → Liquid Level Inspection → Date Printing → Packing or Shrink Packaging → Finished Product

Craft Beer Can Filling Machine

1. Can Delivery

Process Requirements:

  • Defective cans must be removed.
  • Empty cans must undergo ultraviolet sterilization.
  • Prior to filling, empty cans are inverted and rinsed with water at 0.35-0.4MPa, drained while inverted, and then dried using compressed air.

2. Canning and Sealing

Process Requirements:

  • The top of the filling machine cylinder should be kept at a temperature below 4°C.
  • Carbon dioxide or compressed air backpressure should be used.
  • The beer valve should not leak, and the beer pipeline should be clear.
  • The filled beer should be clear and transparent with consistent liquid height and a capacity of 355±8ml.
  • After sealing, the canned beer should remain undistorted, leakage is not allowed, and the product's normal appearance should be maintained.
  • The canning principle is the same as that of glass bottles, using isobaric filling, and efforts should be made to minimize foam generation.

3. Sterilization

Process Requirements:

  • After canning and sealing, the cans are inverted and enter the pasteurization machine.
  • Adequate spraying water is essential to ensure a required sterilization effect of Pu15-30.
  • Fat cans and blackening of the can bottom should not occur.
  • Due to cans' superior heat conduction compared to glass, the sterilization time is relatively short, with a sterilization temperature generally ranging from 62°C to 61°C for at least 10 minutes.
  • After sterilization, residual water on the can bottom and body is removed by a blower.

4. Liquid Level Inspection

Gamma-ray (radiation source: cobalt-241) liquid level detectors are used to check the liquid level.

  • When the liquid level falls below 347ml, the receiver collects the information, which is then processed by a computer and transmitted to the rejection system, where it is rejected by a rubber rod.

5. Date Printing

An automatic inkjet printer is used to print the production date or batch number on the bottom of the can.

  • After printing, the canned beer is inverted, and then it is packed into boxes.

6. Packing and Shrink Wrapping

Packing can be done using a packing machine or manually, with 24 upright cans placed in a cardboard box.

  • Alternatively, a heat shrink film sealing and bundling machine can be used, with compressed air working pressure at 0.6MPa and the heat shrink film heated to around 140°C.
  • After heat shrink bundling, the film should be neatly covered and firmly sealed.

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