Basic Principles of Beer Packaging

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Update:Oct, 05 /2023

The beer packaging process is a complex step in the beer production, serving as the final stage that significantly impacts the quality of the end product and its sales. Filtered beer is transferred into bottles, cans, or kegs, and undergoes processes such as capping, biostabilization treatment, labeling, and boxing to become the finished beer product or is directly sold as such. Generally, beer that has undergone pasteurization is referred to as "mature beer," while beer that hasn't undergone pasteurization but has been subjected to sterile filtration and aseptic filling is known as "draft beer" or "craft beer."

Craft Beer Filling Machine

The beer packaging process must adhere to the following basic principles

(1) Minimize oxygen exposure as much as possible, as even small amounts of oxygen can have a significant impact on beer quality. The allowable oxygen uptake during packaging should not exceed 0.02 to 0.04 mg/L.

(2) Reduce carbon dioxide loss to the minimum to ensure good taste and foam characteristics of the beer.

(3) Implement strict aseptic procedures to prevent beer contamination and ensure compliance with hygiene requirements.

Quality requirements for packaging containers

(1) Capable of withstanding a certain pressure. Containers for packaging mature beer should withstand pressures of 1.76 MPa or more, while containers for packaging draft beer should withstand pressures of 0.294 MPa or more.

(2) Easy to seal.

(3) Resistant to a certain level of acidity and free from alkaline substances that might react with the beer.

(4) Generally, containers should have good light-shielding properties to prevent light from affecting beer quality. Typically, green or brown glass bottles, plastic containers, or metal containers are chosen. Clear glass bottles can also be used when substituting tetrahydroisomerized hop extract for whole hops or pellet hops.

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