Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods of Beer Filling Machine

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Update:Nov, 18 /2023

For common faults in beer filling machines, the electrical system should be checked first, as most faults are caused by electrical issues. To address these common faults, extensive maintenance experience is required, along with a deep understanding of the functional characteristics and performance parameters of the beer filling machine. With sufficient knowledge of the performance parameters and structural features of the beer filling machine, these common faults can be easily resolved.

Beer Filling Machine

The following are common faults and troubleshooting methods for beer filling machines:

Fault Phenomenon 1: Inflexible cylinder action, slow speed


  1. Insufficient air pressure in the metering cylinder.
  2. Leakage in the filling system air circuit.
  3. Damage to the air source dual joint.


  1. Adjust the pressure relief valve of the multifunctional filling machine to maintain the air pressure at 0.6 MPa.
  2. Inspect the air circuit pipes and ensure their sealing.
  3. Replace the air source dual joint.

Fault Phenomenon 2: Multifunctional beer filling machine does not fill


  1. Damage or blockage of the one-way throttle valve.
  2. Damage to the air source dual joint.
  3. Excessive speed of cylinder descent, surpassing the position of the stroke valve.


  1. Clean or replace the throttle valve.
  2. Replace the air source dual joint.
  3. Reset the cylinder, adjust the throttle valve of the multifunctional filling machine to achieve an appropriate descent speed.

Precautions for installing a multifunctional beer filling machine:

After unpacking the machine, first check if the accompanying technical documentation is complete and if the machine has been damaged during transportation, in order to address any issues promptly.
Install the feeding component and discharging component according to the schematic diagram in this manual, and make necessary adjustments.
Lubricate the various lubrication points.
Rotate the multifunctional filling machine using the hand crank to check if the machine rotates in the correct direction (facing the motor spindle in a counterclockwise direction) and ensure the machine's grounding protection.

In conclusion, while different types of filling machines may have different common faults, the methods and steps for diagnosing and troubleshooting faults remain consistent. By mastering the correct basic methods, common faults in beer filling machines can be easily resolved.

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