Ergonomic Automatic 800-7000b/H Pet Blow Molding Machine

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Ergonomic Automatic 800-7000b/H Pet Blow Molding Machine

Model: CS-8BHR Preform Crystal: Unlimited
Storage Time: Seven Days Production Capacity: 2400-3800b/h
Wall Thickness Of Preform: Max4.5mm Length Of Preform: 50-160mm
Diameter Of Bottle: 35-90mm Hest-resistant Degree: 85℃-92℃
Height Of Bottle: 120-320mm Installed Power: 48kw
Bottle Volume: 300-1500ml Operating Power: 25-70%
High Light: 800b/h automatic blow molding machine, 7000b/h pet blow molding machine, ergonomic pet blow molding machine

Automatic PET blow molding machine Ordinary PET blow molding machine specifications

Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine

The CS series fully automatic PET blow molding machine is designed and manufactured based on our decades of experience, and the production capacity ranges from 800-7000B/H.

It has the advantages of convenient setting, ergonomic design, high efficiency, simple operation and strong flexibility.

In addition, our PET blow molding machine can be customized according to customers' specific requirements. As an experienced blow molding machine manufacturer in China, Baiguan provides customers with training and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of products.

Technical features:
(1) High degree of automation and intelligence
(2) Good and stable product quality
(3) High output: single mode output 2250-2400 bottles/hour
(4) Low energy consumption: reduce gas and electricity consumption
(5) High sanitation, no intermediate pollution
(6) Reduce production costs
(7) Good visibility, maintainability and safety

This series of fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machines can be used for blowing bottles independently or before the filling line. It can also be used for blowing bottles with blow dryers. Standard cavity (bottle volume 300-1500ml) rotary blow molding machine, used to produce PET bottles for various beverages, with a production capacity of 2400-3800b/h.

Specifications of Normal PET Blow Molding Machine

  CS-2B CS-4B CS-8B
Bottle Volume 2000-8000ml 300-1500mm 300-1500mm
Production Capacity 800-1500BPH 2000-3600b/h 4000-7000b/h
Wall Thickness of Preform 1.2-6mm 1.2-4mm 1.2-4mm
Length of Preform 50-150mm 50-160mm 50-160mm
Diameter of Bottle 35-175mm 35-90mm 35-90mm
Height of Bottle 120-420mm 120-320mm 120-320mm
Dimensions of Machine 2650×2300×2300mm 2650×2300×2300mm 2650×3450×2300mm
Weight of Machine 4000kg 4000kg 4000kg
Blowing Pressure 3.0-4.0Mpa 2.0-4.0kg 2.0-4.0kg
Working Pressure 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.8-1.0Mpa
Using Voltage 380V.50HZ 380V.50HZ 380V.50HZ
Installed Power 24kw 24kw 48kw
Actual Operating Power 25-70% 25-70% 25-70%
Mould Cooling 5HP 3HP 6HP
Lubrication Standard 35-60# 35-60# 35-60#
Available Material PET PET PET


Our automatic PET blow molding machine is suitable for use as water bottle molding machine, oil bottle moulding machine, juice bottle molding machine, and others.

Shipping and packaging


(1) Our beverage machinery is approved as qualified products for seven years by Chinese beverage industry association.
(2) Our company is approved as excellent supplier of filling equipment four times by Chinese beverage industry association.
(3) Our company is entitled "Star Enterprise" by Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.
(4) Our company is approved as the enterprise technical center of Zhangjiagang Province.
(5) Our company obtains ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
(6) Our company is awarded as demonstration enterprise of national CAD application engineering by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
(7) All our products are awarded as CE certification.
(8) Our company becomes the vice chairman of Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.


Q: What are the Primary Products of Your Company?
A: Our products mainly include water production line, juice production line, tea production line, water filling machine, juice filling machine, tea filling machine, and more.

Q: Where is Your Beverage Machinery Applied to?
A: Our beverage production lines are extensively used for packaging of water, fruit juice, tea drinks, milk beverage, juice with grains, sodas, protein beverages, energy drinks, and more.

Q: What are the Properties of Your Beverage Production Lines?
A: Our beverage machinery adopts automatic operation system which greatly improves the performance and productivity of our packaging machines. They have properties of multifunction, standard design, modularization, digital control system, good compatibility, high accuracy, flexibility, and high working efficiency.

All these measures together enable us to provide high quality carbonated beverage production lines, can filling machines, juice production lines, tea filling machines, etc, at competitive prices.

Q: Do Your Water Production Lines Meet Environmental Protection Requirements?
A: Our water production lines are eco-friendly and energy-saving. They adopt advanced environmental protection technologies from Germany and Italy. All production procedures quite meet the standards of ISO9001: 2000.

Q: Which Countries are Your Beverage Machinery Sold to?
A: Our products are widely exported to U.S.A, Russia, England, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, North Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Dominica, Nigeria, Libya, Turkey, Kazakstan, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Vietnam, Bengal, Burma, Serbia, Macedonia, Lebanon, Congo, Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya.

Q: What Kind of After-sale Services does Your Company Provide?
A: Installation guides, device debugging and technical trainings are offered to our global customers to help them make full use of our water production lines, tea filling machines, beverage production lines, and other beverage machinery.

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