Five Tips for Using Eye Drop Bottle Filling Machines

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Update:Feb, 20 /2024

Achieving high-precision filling with eye drop bottle filling machines requires mature technology and extensive experience. The accuracy of these machines is directly related to the quality of the eye drop bottles, especially for products with special requirements such as medicinal eye drop bottles. Therefore, filling accuracy is one of the parameters that must be controlled during the production of eye drop bottles. Mastering the techniques of using eye drop bottle filling machines can ensure their speed and efficiency. Here are five tips for using eye drop bottle filling machines:

Eye Drop Bottle Filling Machines

  1. Establish regular maintenance and daily inspection plans for the eye drop bottle filling machine. Daily maintenance and inspections should include the sealing components, control elements, pneumatic circuits, and related devices to ensure that the machine is in good working condition.
  2. Control the pressure during the filling process. This includes the working pressure of the eye drop bottle filling machine and its booster pump, as well as the pressure delivered to the machine. Ensuring the stability of these pressures is essential for maintaining the accuracy of the filling machine. Additionally, these pressures must be set within appropriate working ranges during the filling process.
  3. Ensure that there are no non-volatile gases inside the filling head of the eye drop bottle filling machine. If present, these gases must be expelled to ensure the accuracy of the filling. As the liquid medication is always in circulation, non-volatile gases can be expelled by circulating the medication.
  4. Select the appropriate filling head. Different filling valves used in the production process may have different channels and parameters, such as the sealing position between the filling head and the valve, and the downward stroke of the valve stem. Therefore, it is necessary to use the corresponding filling head for different valves to ensure the correct filling of the eye drop bottles. Additionally, during filling, it is essential to ensure the correct sealing between the filling head and the valve, and adjust the height of the filling head appropriately to ensure sufficient compression force is applied to the sealing between the filling head and the valve to prevent leakage during the filling process.
  5. Monitor the temperature during filling. Temperature can affect filling accuracy by influencing density.

Using an eye drop bottle filling machine requires both technical knowledge and artistic skills. Continuous exploration and experience accumulation are necessary to achieve high-quality filling. we welcome customers who wish to purchase or understand our equipment to engage in discussions. We are continuously exploring and advancing in the filling industry, aiming to better understand our equipment and provide high-quality products to our customers. We rely on the trust of our customers, and we are committed to repaying them with more sophisticated equipment.

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