For Sale: High-Quality Mineral Water Automatic Palletizing Machine

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Update:Aug, 09 /2023

Automatic Palletizing Machine is capable of automating the palletizing process in high-risk, toxic, hot, and high-temperature environments, replacing the need for manual labor. It arranges cartons according to a predetermined grouping method, stacking them one by one on pallets. Typically used as a subsequent equipment in packaging lines, it is suitable for various industries such as chemicals, building materials, automation, food, beverages, beer, and logistics, with different grippers available to handle products of different shapes for palletizing.

The Mineral Water Automatic Palletizing Machine adopts PLC+touchscreen control for intelligent operation management, making it user-friendly and easy to operate. It meets the production needs of medium to low output. In today's fiercely competitive society, the Mineral Water Automatic Palletizing Machine is an essential and indispensable equipment in fully automated production lines.

To achieve better packing speed, the front end of the Mineral Water Automatic Palletizing Machine can be equipped with our company's automatic unpacking machine, automatic packing machine, and automatic sealing machine to form a fully automated packing and palletizing line. This production line can be coordinated with automatic filling, labeling, and other functions, as well as designed to accommodate automatic empty bottle handling.

Automatic Palletizing Machine

Working Process of the Automatic Palletizing Machine:

  1. Products and empty cartons are conveyed into the machine through an external conveyor line.
  2. The products stop under the stacking plate, and the empty cartons are controlled to stop by a blocking cylinder.
  3. The products move to the grid area and stop for detection, while the empty cartons move to the lifting platform and stop when detected.
  4. The lifting platform rises, and the bottle guiding plate extends into the carton to prepare for packing.
  5. The grid plate moves, guiding the products into the cartons.
  6. The lifting platform descends, and the fully packed cartons are conveyed to the automatic sealing machine for sealing.
  7. The cartons are then sent to the palletizing platform, where the Automatic Palletizing Machine performs the palletizing process.
  8. The stacked pallets are then transported to the warehouse or loading area by forklifts or AGV vehicles.

The Automatic Palletizing Machine can meet expected and stable production efficiency according to production capacity requirements, reducing the workload and physical exertion of workers. It is highly favored by enterprises and workshop workers. The machine can also accomplish tasks such as bottle labeling, machine vision automatic inspection, automatic data collection, and automatic packing. It offers functions for production status monitoring, anti-counterfeiting inquiry, product inventory tracking, and more, fulfilling the needs of factory intelligent management.

The Automatic Palletizing Machine can adapt to cartons of different sizes for unpacking, packing, and sealing. It has a small footprint, is cost-effective, easy to use, accurate in operation, and has a long service life, making it suitable for long-term use.

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