Optimized Overview of the Mineral Water Production Line Process and Equipment

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Update:Nov, 28 /2023

The process flow of the mineral water production line involves several pieces of equipment, including mineral water treatment equipment, bottle blowing machine, fully automatic mineral water filling machine, cap disinfection machine, mineral water labeling machine, coding machine, packaging machine, conveyor lines, connecting pipelines, and more.

Mineral Water Production Line

The mineral water filling machine performs three key functions: rinsing, filling, and capping on empty bottles, suitable for producing bottled drinking mineral water in capacities ranging from 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L to larger bottles of 4L-15L.

The equipment composition of the mineral water production line includes a complete set of filling and packaging production line components: water treatment system, automatic bottle blowing machine, pneumatic conveyor, cap sterilization machine, cap cleaning machine, three-in-one rinsing, filling, and capping machine, drying machine, labeling machine, coding machine, stacking machine, wrapping machine, actual bottle conveying system, box conveying system, and electrical control system. Optional equipment includes automatic bottle arranging machine or manual bottle arranging system, fully/half-automatic bottle washing machine, labeling machine, carton packaging machine, nitrogen injection machine, etc. The production capacity ranges from 2,000 bottles/hour to 36,000 bottles/hour (calculated with 500ml PET bottles).

In terms of the working mechanism, empty bottles are conveyed by a wind-driven track into the mineral water filling machine. The machine relies on motors to drive gears, which in turn drive the rotation of the main spindles for bottle washing, filling, capping, and the intermediate star wheel for bottle transfer. The machine uses a bottle neck clamping mechanism for transmission, allowing it to accommodate various bottle types as long as they have the same neck diameter. This ensures product diversity. During the bottle washing process, purified mineral water is used to remove impurities from both the interior and exterior of the bottles. The rinsing water flows into a collection tank before being directed to a specified location.

The filling process employs atmospheric pressure filling. The bottle is supported by a guide rod, gradually ascending until the bottle neck tightly contacts the filling valve's silicone gasket, forming a sealed state. As the bottle continues to ascend, the filling valve opens, allowing the liquid from the cylinder to enter the bottle while expelling the air inside. When the liquid reaches the level of the exhaust port, following pressure balance, the liquid stops flowing, and the filling ceases. Subsequently, the guide rod slowly descends, the bottle neck disengages from the filling valve, the filling valve closes, and the filling process concludes. The capped finished product is then transported by the conveyor chain.

mineral water filling machine

If the bottle neck specifications are the same, a single fully automatic mineral water three-in-one filling machine can be used for bottle capacities ranging from 350ml to 2L. The replacement of guide wheels is simple and quick.

In terms of machine assembly precision, the entire tabletop, or installation plane, undergoes overall processing on a gantry milling machine to remove approximately 5mm. Using this machined surface as a reference, the main spindle holes are then machined on the bed. This process aims to ensure the flatness of the tabletop, the specific position and parallelism of the main spindle centerlines, and the perpendicularity to the tabletop, thereby guaranteeing the installation accuracy of the mineral water three-in-one filling machine. It is important to note that some manufacturers, in an effort to reduce equipment costs, omit these machining steps and rely on adjusting shims to ensure assembly precision. However, this may lead to a series of after-sales issues, as shims can gradually shift with machine vibrations, reducing overall assembly accuracy and increasing subsequent service costs. Adopting our proper machining process not only ensures the stability of the three-in-one filling machine's operation but also avoids unnecessary after-sales service issues, resulting in a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the user.

Mineral Water

Concerning machine materials, any parts in contact with water are manufactured using 304 stainless steel, including the entire outer frame and door panel. In terms of electrical components, frequency converters and PLCs are primarily used for control. The electrical control section is kept separate from the three-in-one filling machine and is installed in a moisture-proof and sealed electrical box equipped with a ventilation system for cooling. This design accounts for the humid production environment, preventing electrical components from short-circuiting due to moisture and ensuring long life, safe operation, and stable performance. An operating interface is installed on the electrical box, allowing for the setting of internal parameters of the mineral water filling machine. During machine operation, photoelectric detection devices, proximity switches, liquid level detectors, and other monitoring devices installed on the filling machine provide real-time feedback on operational parameters, displayed on the human-machine interface. The machine's running speed can be freely controlled using a frequency knob. In case of machine malfunctions, the system automatically diagnoses and displays the location of the fault, along with proposed solutions. Therefore, the overall machine operation is simple, convenient, and achieves automated control.

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