Practical Guide to Ensuring Electrical Safety in Filling Machines

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Update:Mar, 20 /2024

Filling machines are common equipment in the light industry and are part of the packaging machinery industry. With different functions, these machines are widely used across various sectors of the light industry. Since the operation of filling machines relies on electricity, ensuring electrical safety is crucial for normal production and processing. Here are some precautions to ensure electrical safety in the daily operation of filling machines:

  1. Use the designated power supply specified for the filling machine.
  2. Always turn off the power before disassembling or cleaning the filling machine.
  3. The rear part of the filling machine contains electrical control components; avoid direct water flushing to prevent electrical hazards and damage to the control elements.
  4. Ensure proper grounding for the filling machine and use power sockets equipped with grounding wires to prevent electric shock.
  5. Even after turning off the power switch, some circuits in the filling machine may still carry voltage. When inspecting control circuits, always unplug the power cord.
  6. When not in use, promptly disconnect the power and air supply of the filling machine, perform equipment cleaning and lubrication to meet hygiene standards. Additionally, disassemble and clean relevant molds and store them safely.
  7. During filling operations, refrain from placing hands or other objects into the filling area to prevent potential hazards.

Electrical safety is fundamental knowledge for everyone. Given the frequent occurrence of safety incidents caused by improper electrical use, it's essential to reinforce electrical safety measures in the daily operation of industrial equipment like filling machines.

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