Red Wine Filling Machine Filling Methods

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Update:Mar, 02 /2024

The filling machine is one of the main equipment in the production of wineries. It is based on advanced technology and carries out mechanical automation production according to the characteristics of red wine (viscosity, alcohol content, etc.), which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

  1. Vacuum Filling
    • Vacuum filling is performed under conditions lower than atmospheric pressure. There are two basic methods:
      • Differential pressure vacuum type: By evacuating the interior of the packaging container and maintaining atmospheric pressure in the storage tank, a certain degree of vacuum is formed inside the container. The liquid flows into the container by utilizing the pressure difference.
      • Gravity vacuum type: Both the storage tank and the packaging container are in an almost equal vacuum state, and the liquid flows into the container by its own weight.
  2. Pressure Filling
    • Pressure filling uses mechanical or pneumatic-hydraulic devices to control the reciprocating motion of the piston, sucking high viscosity liquids from the storage cylinder into the piston cylinder, and then forcibly pressing them into the container to be filled. This method is sometimes used for filling soft drinks such as soda, as they do not contain colloidal substances and the foam disappears easily, allowing for direct filling into bottles without pre-inflation, thereby greatly increasing filling speed.
  3. Atmospheric Pressure Filling
    • Atmospheric pressure filling is carried out under atmospheric pressure, and the liquid fills the packaging container by its own weight.
  4. Equal Pressure Filling
    • Equal pressure filling uses compressed air in the upper air chamber of the liquid storage tank to inflate the packaging container, making the pressure of the two nearly equal. Then the liquid flows into the container by its own weight.
  5. Siphon Filling
    • Siphon filling utilizes the siphon principle to suck the liquid from the storage tank into the container through a siphon tube until the liquid levels of both are equal.

Through these different filling methods, the red wine filling machine can achieve efficient and precise filling, ensuring the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.

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