The Vital Importance of Regular Disinfection and Sterilization in Pharmaceutical Filling Machines

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Update:Mar, 27 /2024

Filling machines are indispensable equipment in the production of oral liquid medications, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine formulations. These machines are widely employed across various product lines, making them pivotal within the pharmaceutical industry. However, their usage mandates regular cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization due to the following reasons

Filling Machines

1. Cleaning Protocols:

Scope and Targets

Clearly delineate the areas and components requiring cleaning, responsibilities of personnel, cleaning equipment, as well as the types, composition, specifications, and preparation methods of cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Methods and Procedures

Detail the cleaning and disinfection methods and steps, including parameters such as time, temperature, pressure, dosage, and flow rate of cleaning agents. Document the monitoring of the cleaning process and inspection requirements post-cleaning, including drying and storage conditions. Establish protocols for pre-use inspections, drying, and storage of equipment. Define cleaning cycles, validity periods, and procedures for handling cleaning beyond expiry.

2. Sterilization Practices

In the production of traditional Chinese medicines, there's a necessity to preserve the bioactive components within the herbal materials against degradation and loss during processes like extraction, concentration, and drying conducted under high-temperature, high-humidity conditions. This preservation enhances the therapeutic efficacy of the medicines.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers often directly crush a portion or all of the herbal materials or herbal extracts from the process formulation into fine powders to produce various oral solid dosage forms for clinical use. However, these raw materials are often rich in nutrients, which can facilitate the growth of microorganisms and parasites, directly impacting the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicines.

The diverse nature of products processed by a set of mixing tanks and filling machines, coupled with variations in the physicochemical properties of these products and differences in cleaning agents, as well as critical parameters such as contact time, temperature, flow rate, and pressure of the cleaning solution on the equipment surface, necessitate tailored cleaning methods. Hence, meticulous attention to cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization procedures is indispensable to ensure the integrity, efficacy, and safety of pharmaceutical products, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine formulations.

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