Unlocking the Potential of Juice Beverage Equipment

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Update:Mar, 25 /2024

Utilizing neck bottleneck transmission technology, our juice beverage equipment achieves high levels of automation with fully automated processes including disinfection, bottle rinsing, pulp filling, juice filling, and capping. The pulp filling employs single-chamber piston volumetric filling technology. Equipped with advanced temperature control and reflux systems, as well as a comprehensive automatic cleaning system and control program, all components in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel and rubber.

Juice Beverage Equipment

The juice beverage filling machine is suitable for producing bottled juice beverages in capacities of 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, and more, including popular varieties such as pulpy orange and blueberry drinks. The machine directs bottles through a duct to the bottle locking plate, where they are then transferred to the rinsing machine's bottle clamping mechanism according to a specific template. The bottle is flipped by the clamping mechanism and rinsed inside and out as it moves along the rinsing machine's guide rails. Once rinsed and dried, the bottle is passed through the bottle locking plate to the filling machine, where it is clamped by the bottle locking plate and filled as it moves along the filling operation guide rails. After filling, the bottle is guided by the template to the capping machine, where it is capped by the capping plate. Finally, the filled and capped beverage bottles are transferred to the conveyor chain via the bottle locking plate, completing the entire rinsing, filling, and capping process.

Our juice beverage filling machine boasts advanced technology with multiple protection and alarm devices against bottle locking, bottle shortage, cap shortage, overload, and more, ensuring reliable performance. Its scientific process flow meets national food hygiene standards, and its high level of automation and user-friendly operation make it the ideal hot filling equipment for various soft drink manufacturers.

Constructed with stainless steel 304 material, our juice filling machine adheres to food hygiene and safety standards. It is characterized by its wear resistance, stability, and low failure rate. Employing hot filling methods for juices, it ensures stable filling performance and excellent results with heat-resistant silicone hoses and reflux tanks.

The machine is suitable for filling juice beverages in polyester or plastic bottles, with adjustments for different bottle types achieved through easy-to-use handle rotation, making it convenient and efficient. The fully automatic juice filling machine features automatic control of the hopper contents, ensuring no filling or capping occurs without bottles. It also utilizes a frequency converter for stepless speed regulation, with digital display of production capacity for convenient adjustment.

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