Opening Inspection Checklist for Filling Machines

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Update:Mar, 24 /2024

To ensure the smooth operation of purchased filling machines, a thorough inspection upon opening is essential to prevent potential issues later on.

Storage and Handling

After unboxing the filling machine, refrain from immediate installation. Proper storage and handling of the main body, components, and accessories of the liquid filling equipment are necessary. Consideration should be given to the location and method of storage. Components and accessories should be stacked separately based on their structure, materials, and surface cleanliness, taking into account storage duration and weather conditions. Storage areas should be free from dust, debris, and corrosive gases. If protective grease has deteriorated, it should be reapplied. Ensure equipment is properly padded and elevated to prevent rusting, deformation, and moisture. Whenever possible, preserve the original packaging boxes for delicate and fragile items.

Choice of Unboxing Location

Opt for a location closer to the installation site and assess the surrounding environment to prevent injuries to equipment or personnel in case box panels fall. Utilize tools such as nail pullers and pry bars for unboxing. Avoid using heavy hammers on box panels, especially for delicate filling machines or components, to prevent accuracy compromise. Do not remove packaging and protective materials prematurely, except for areas requiring inspection. Before moving rotatable and sliding components of the filling machine, clean the packaging and apply protective grease as per technical requirements before inspection.

Unboxing Procedure

Sweep off dust from the top panel of the packaging box and inspect the packaging structure. Begin by removing the top panel, followed by other box panels. If removing the top panel is inconvenient, consider removing a few box panels first, then inspect the filling machine and packaging box structure, and use appropriate methods for unboxing.

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