How to Choose a Fruit Juice Beverage Production Line

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Update:Feb, 21 /2024

Let's start by understanding the machinery and equipment of a fruit juice production line: typical equipment for processing fruit juice beverages includes fruit juice washers, fruit crushers and pulpers, raw water tanks, raw water pumps, quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, dosing devices, RO reverse osmosis units, UV sterilizers, pure water tanks, constant temperature sugar tanks, mixing and blending ingredient tanks, syrup filters, constant temperature fermentation tanks, filters, aging tanks, sterilization equipment, disinfection soaking bottle washers, filling and sealing machines, cap sterilizers, lamp inspection machinery, blow dryers, labelers, and inkjet printers, among other beverage machinery and equipment.

As a complete set of process-oriented machinery and equipment, when ordering machinery and equipment, one must not rush into it. It is necessary to conduct relevant comparisons of the complete set of production line equipment. Some specific equipment configurations will directly affect the cost-effectiveness of the entire fruit juice production line machinery and equipment. It is essential to communicate with the production line equipment manufacturers and proceed with procurement and installation based on the opinions and suggestions of the manufacturers. After confirming the manufacturer of the complete set of fruit juice production machinery and the specific equipment configuration to be purchased, attention should be paid to understanding the details of the production line equipment.

Fruit Juice Beverage Production Line Equipment

Material Selection

As production equipment, it needs to come into contact with raw materials, ingredients, additives, etc., during the production process to ensure compliance with relevant national requirements and product safety. At present, most of the fruit juice production line machinery and equipment on the market are made of 304/316L stainless steel materials with characteristics such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. However, there are also some manufacturers who choose lower-grade stainless steel materials such as 202 to reduce costs. Although these machinery and equipment may not have significant differences in appearance, over time, the corrosion resistance and various hygiene standards of the machinery and equipment will gradually decrease, often leading to adverse consequences for the finished products.


The quality of design also has standards, which should facilitate future operation and maintenance while reducing product costs. Regarding the overall design of the machinery and equipment, discussions can be held with manufacturers and designers to make informed decisions.


As a complete set of fruit juice production line machinery and equipment consists of multiple accessory machines, high-quality and high-performance accessory machines can naturally result in better operational performance. However, this will inevitably increase the overall procurement costs. These aspects need to be discussed with manufacturers and designers, which also serves as a challenge to the manufacturing strength of manufacturers.

After-sales and Maintenance Services

As a large-scale system engineering project, after-sales and maintenance services for the entire fruit juice production line machinery and equipment are crucial. During the ordering process, the installation, adjustment, and timely maintenance provided by the manufacturer contribute to the normal operation of the machinery and equipment and prolong the utilization time.

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