Bottled Water Production Line: Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning

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Update:Dec, 14 /2023

Before delving into the formal content, let me first provide everyone with a brief knowledge point. Currently, there are bottled types of purified water, mineral water, natural drinking water, mineral water, and so on in the market. Pure water is primarily composed of water molecules and does not contain any beneficial mineral elements for the human body. There is currently no scientific evidence confirming whether long-term consumption of pure water is beneficial or harmful. On the other hand, natural mineral water comes with naturally occurring beneficial mineral elements, and its long-term consumption is undoubtedly advantageous for the human body. However, obtaining permits such as water extraction and mining licenses for mineral water involves a series of procedures, making it time-consuming and relatively expensive. Due to these reasons, some water plants label their products as natural drinking water. Mineral water, on the other hand, involves artificially adding mineral elements to pure water and is not of the completely natural variety.

Bottled Water Production Line

The procurement, installation, and commissioning of a bottled water production line is a complex and systematic process that requires careful consideration at every stage. The following details the steps from procurement to commissioning:

1. Procurement Stage

a. Determine Production Line Type

According to market demand and product positioning, decide whether to produce small bottles, large bottles, or 5-gallon large water barrels.

b. Water Quality Analysis

Conduct a water quality analysis based on the type of water produced to determine the configuration of the water treatment system and the required equipment.

c. Equipment Procurement

  • Water Treatment Equipment: Source water tank, boosting pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, hollow fiber filter or nanofiltration equipment, UV sterilizer, ozone generator, pure water tank.
  • Blowing System: Automatic bottle blowing machine, automatic preform loading machine, high-pressure air compressor, low-pressure air compressor, high-pressure air storage tank, low-pressure air storage tank, high-pressure cold dryer, low-pressure cold dryer, oil-water separator, water chiller, bottle molds.
  • Filling System: Three-in-one atmospheric pressure filling equipment, automatic capping machine, online bottle cap disinfection equipment.
  • Finished Product Handling System: Light inspection equipment, powerful air dryer, date coding machine, labeling equipment.
  • Packaging Equipment: PE film heat shrink packaging machine and/or carton packaging machine.

d. Material Procurement

Procure the necessary raw materials for production, including bottles, caps, labels, packaging materials, etc.

2. Installation Stage

a. Factory Preparation:

Prepare the required factory space for the production line, ensuring it meets the line's requirements, including ventilation and cleanliness.

b. Equipment Installation:

Install water treatment equipment, blowing system, filling system, finished product handling system, and packaging equipment.

c. Commissioning:

Conduct commissioning of each system to ensure the equipment operates smoothly, and the water treatment system meets production requirements.

3. Commissioning Stage

a. Production Process Optimization

Optimize the production process to ensure coordinated operations and improved production efficiency.

b. Quality Control

Implement strict quality control measures to ensure the produced bottled drinking water meets hygiene standards and product quality requirements.

c. Employee Training

Train production line operators to ensure they can proficiently operate the equipment and understand the quality control process.

d. Market Promotion

Conduct marketing activities to promote the product, increase market share, and facilitate product launch.

e. Regular Maintenance

Establish a regular maintenance plan to ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment, reducing production line failures and downtime.

By following these steps, the smooth procurement, installation, and commissioning of the bottled water production line can be ensured, enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

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