How to Choose Bottled Water and Beverage Production Line Equipment

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Update:Dec, 15 /2023

Choosing the right bottled water and beverage production equipment is a crucial factor in establishing a successful factory. Simultaneously, a detailed understanding of the production process, market dynamics, and strategic planning is essential for the success of any enterprise. As a comprehensive supplier of complete bottled water and beverage production line equipment, HZM Machinery is dedicated to providing tailored expertise and solutions to ensure efficiency and success throughout the production process.

Bottled Water and Beverage Production Line Equipment

Equipment Process Selection

    1. Pre-processing: Consider water treatment equipment, such as choosing between secondary reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, brackish water equipment, or microfiltration. For pre-blending equipment, decide between high-temperature sterilization or medium-temperature filling. Choose one of the options: plate type, tube type, bottle inversion, spray, water bath, or sterilization kettle, or a combination of multiple methods.
    2. Primary Packaging: Decide whether the bottle-blowing machine should have centralized heating, fully electric production, or semi-automatic production. Choose filling machines with multiple cleaning channels or aseptic filling functions. Determine the sterilization process for bottle caps.
    3. Secondary Packaging: Choose a labeling machine with heat shrinkage, hot melt glue, or self-adhesive options. Decide if the bottle needs a QR code label. Select packaging equipment for paper wrapping, ordinary film wrapping, or color film wrapping. Determine the quantity per package. Beyond these considerations, many details require comprehensive team services and multiple communications between supply and demand sides to finalize.

Capacity Selection

Capacity is determined by market demand, sales capabilities, investment budget, and profit goals.

Evaluate Population for Factory Construction: For populations above 200,000, consider 6,000 bottles per hour (BPH); for populations above 500,000, consider 12,000 BPH; for populations above 1 million, consider 24,000 BPH. The product's radius of influence (small bottle beverages generally within 500 km, 5-gallon bottled water within 200 km) is a rough reference.

Industry Sales: Understand the production capacity and sales volume of factories in the city or neighboring cities.

Special Beverage Products: For special beverage products, the capacity is generally smaller than that of bottled water projects.

Automation Level Selection

Adjust based on local economic development, competitors' technical capabilities, and investment budgets. Analyze areas where automation can be higher or lower and whether technological improvements can enhance competitiveness.

Batch Procurement Planning

For multi-phase projects, analyze what to purchase first, what to purchase later, and what needs to ensure the highest capacity initially. Consider which components can increase capacity with additional units. The analysis should align with the product category and characteristics of the process.

Supplier Selection

Consider not only the performance of individual machines but also the overall line performance and compatibility. Decide whether to source from a single supplier or multiple suppliers. Consider how to control the overall line product quality, installation, debugging, personnel training, and after-sales service. Selection should align with strategic planning and industry experience.

(HZM Machinery provides a complete set of bottled water and beverage production line equipment. Feel free to inquire.)

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