Machinery and Equipment Required for Beverage Production Line

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Update:Jul, 19 /2023

beverage production line

Creating a beverage production line requires the use of various mechanical equipment, with each device playing a critical role at different stages. Below is a table that lists some common equipment used in a beverage production line and their functions:

Equipment Name Role in Beverage Production Line
Water Treatment Equipment Treats and purifies raw water to obtain water that meets beverage production standards.
Blow Molding Machine Shapes preheated plastic particles into beverage bottles through blow molding.
Filling Machine Transfers the beverage from storage tanks into the beverage bottles.
Sealing Machine Performs sealing and capping operations on filled beverage bottles.
Sterilization Equipment Conducts high-temperature sterilization on sealed beverage bottles to ensure product safety and long-term shelf life.
CIP (Clean-in-Place) System Cleans and disinfects filling machines, pipelines, and storage tanks periodically.
Filtration Equipment Filters the beverage through physical or chemical methods to remove suspended particles and impurities.
Packaging Machine Packages the filled and sealed beverage bottles, such as cartoning and labeling.
Conveying System Transports the beverage bottles from one workstation to another, maintaining the continuity and efficiency of the production line.

It should be noted that the scale and product types of beverage production lines may require adjustments and customization of the necessary equipment. In addition to the equipment listed above, actual production lines may also include other auxiliary devices and automation control systems. HZM Machinery can customize production based on the specific requirements of customers to meet their unique production needs.

Creating an efficient beverage production line requires a comprehensive consideration of equipment performance, capacity, hygiene standards, energy consumption, and other factors. Selection and configuration of equipment should be based on specific production needs. Additionally, regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial for ensuring stable equipment operation and production quality.

HZM Machinery can provide customized solutions based on customer needs and specific circumstances. Our professional team will work closely with customers to ensure that the performance and quality of the equipment meet their expectations.

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beverage production line equipment

Trends in the development of beverage production line equipment:

(1) High speed, high quality, high precision, and a move towards large-scale production.

To meet the high production demands of the beverage industry and achieve optimal economic benefits, beverage equipment is increasingly trending towards larger sizes. For instance, carbonated beverage filling machines can reach filling speeds of up to 2,000 cans per minute. German companies such as H&K, SEN, and KRO-NES have developed filling equipment with 165, 144, and 178 filling valves respectively. Non-carbonated beverage equipment typically has 50-100 filling valves, with a maximum filling speed of up to 1,500 cans per minute.

(2) Multifunctional equipment capable of handling various liquids and bottle types.

Modern beverage equipment is designed to accommodate multiple beverages such as tea drinks, coffee beverages, soy milk, and fruit juice. It can handle hot filling for various beverages and is suitable for both glass and PET bottles.

(3) Integration of mechanical and electrical systems.

This is an important trend in the current development of beverage machinery equipment. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely used in control systems, while large-scale equipment utilizes computer control, self-diagnostic functions, and signal displays, achieving higher levels of intelligence. This high-tech equipment ensures high technical and operational reliability, self-control capabilities throughout the production line, and overall high efficiency.

(4) Enhanced inspection and metering devices.

Automated detection of various parameters and accurate metering are becoming more prevalent. High-tech products that combine mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, optical, and magnetic technologies are continuously emerging. The reliability of beverage packaging equipment and the coordination of the packaging line directly impact the overall efficiency, production costs, and product quality of the entire production line.

HZM Beverage Packaging Machine Manufacturer provides complete solutions and equipment for beverage production lines. For detailed specifications and pricing information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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