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Update:May, 07 /2024

Carbonated beverage production equipment is commonly utilized for the production of carbonated sweetened drinks, commonly known as "carbonated beverages" or "carbonated drinks". These beverages typically consist of water, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, acids, aromas, colorants, carbon dioxide gas, and other auxiliary materials. Examples include sodas, colas, carbonated fruit juice drinks, and beer, which constitute the primary machinery in carbonated beverage production lines, especially those producing beverages with high carbonation levels.

carbonated beverage production equipment

  1. Three-in-One Beverage Filling Machine The three-in-one beverage filling machine integrates washing, filling, and sealing processes into a single unit. It is suitable for hot filling of various juices and tea beverages, and with minor component adjustments, it can also be used for filling purified water and mineral water. The production capacity ranges from 5000 bottles per hour to 24000 bottles per hour, catering to diverse customer demands. Employing an advanced micro-negative pressure gravity-based filling principle ensures rapid, stable, and precise filling. Moreover, a sophisticated material reflux system allows independent gas return during reflux, reducing the risk of secondary contamination and oxidation.
  2. Cap Sterilization Machine The cap sterilization machine is employed to eliminate microorganisms present on products, packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging aids, and other components, ensuring their microbial content falls within acceptable limits. This technology finds extensive application in university laboratories and research institutions of manufacturing units to gather experimental data. Tube-type and plate-type complete sterilization systems are adaptable for various continuous sterilization processes, encompassing products such as fruit and vegetable purees, concentrated juices, milk, and fruit juice beverages.
  3. Bottle Warming Machine The bottle warming machine is suitable for hot filling of heat-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tea beverages and PET carbonated beverage production lines. It effectively reduces the temperature of hot-filled tea beverages to 36-40°C and raises the temperature of cold-filled carbonated beverages to 36-40°C, effectively eliminating condensation on the bottle surface, ensuring dry and clean bottle bodies for subsequent labeling and packing operations. Production capacities range from 5000 bottles per hour to 20000 bottles per hour, with a spraying time of approximately 15-20 minutes.
  4. Bottle Conveying Equipment The bottle conveying system is applicable to the automatic conveying, distribution, and downstream packaging of empty and filled bottles for various food and beverage products, as well as cans and containers.
  5. Robotic Palletizing Machine The robotic palletizing machine comprises several components, including flattening conveyors, buffering conveyors, position-changing conveyors, pallet warehouses, pallet conveyors, grouping machines, bag pushing devices, palletizing devices, and pallet conveyor systems. This equipment system is designed for automated palletizing, enhancing production efficiency and packaging quality.

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