Edible Oil production process

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Update:Jan, 06 /2024

The edible oil production process is a multi-stage operation that involves extracting oil from oilseeds, refining it, and packaging it for sale.

1.Seed Preparation:

The process begins with the selection and cleaning of oilseeds (such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, or palm fruits).

Seeds are cleaned to remove impurities and foreign materials.

2.Oil Extraction:

Mechanical pressing or solvent extraction methods are commonly used to extract oil from seeds.

Mechanical pressing involves using an expeller press to physically squeeze the oil out of the seeds.

Solvent extraction uses chemicals like hexane to dissolve the oil from the seeds.

3.Oil Refining:

The crude oil extracted undergoes refining processes to remove impurities, color, odor, and undesirable components.

Refining may involve degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization.


Removes phospholipids from the crude oil.


Neutralizes free fatty acids in the oil.


Removes pigments, residual soap, and other impurities.


Removes volatile components that cause odor and flavor in the oil.


Separates the oil into different fractions, such as liquid oil and solid fat, based on their melting points.

9.Packaging and Storage:

The final refined oil is packaged and stored for distribution.

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