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Update:Jul, 26 /2023

With the continuous growth of the beverage industry, efficient and stable beverage filling machines have become essential equipment in beverage production lines. HZM Machinery is honored to introduce a range of high-quality beverage filling machines suitable for various beverage types, including tea beverages, carbonated drinks, functional beverages, fruit juices, dairy drinks, carbonated beverages, and mineral water. Whether you are packaging beverages in PET bottles, glass bottles, or cans, HZM beverage filling machines can meet your needs.

Beverage Filling Machine

The HZM beverage filling machines are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure equipment stability and durability. Their intelligent control systems enable automated operations, reducing manual intervention and increasing production efficiency. Moreover, the machines are equipped with advanced filling valves and sealing technology, ensuring efficient, precise, and leak-free filling processes.

In addition to high-efficiency filling capabilities, HZM beverage filling machines also prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. The equipment has a simple structure, easy to maintain and clean, effectively preventing cross-contamination and ensuring product safety and hygiene.

Whether you are a large-scale beverage manufacturer or a start-up company, HZM Machinery can customize beverage filling machines according to your specific requirements, providing you with the best solution. High production capacity, superior quality, and efficiency make HZM beverage filling machines a reliable assistant on your beverage production line.

The following are some key specifications and features of HZM beverage filling machines:

Beverage Filling Machines

Product Specifications:

  • Applicable Beverages: Tea beverages, carbonated drinks, functional beverages, fruit juices, dairy drinks, carbonated beverages, mineral water
  • Applicable Bottle Types: PET bottles, glass bottles, cans
  • Hourly Production Capacity: 800~1500 bottles (customizable based on customer requirements)

Product Features:

  1. Compact structure, comprehensive control system, user-friendly operation, and high automation.
  2. Easily change the filling bottle shape by replacing star wheels and archboards.
  3. Contact parts with the product made of high-quality SUS316/304 material, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.
  4. Fast flow, high filling accuracy, precise liquid level, no liquid loss, meeting filling process requirements.
  5. Capping heads equipped with constant torque magnetic devices to ensure capping quality and impact.
  6. Efficient cap sorting system with self-control and self-protection devices.
  7. The machine is equipped with comprehensive overload protection to ensure the safety of operators and the machine.
  8. The control system includes functions for controlling production speed, cap detection, automatic stoppage for bottle jams, and production count.
  9. Main electrical and pneumatic components are world-renowned brands.
  10. Advanced touch screen operation for all controls, enabling human-machine dialogue operation.

beverage filling machines

We also have a highly skilled technical team that can quickly respond to customer inquiries and troubleshooting. Regardless of time and location, a single call or email will prompt our technical support team to provide immediate solutions. If equipment requires maintenance or replacement of parts, we will promptly arrange for technical personnel to provide on-site services, minimizing equipment downtime and ensuring continuous and stable production.

In addition to regular after-sales service, we regularly organize technical exchanges and training activities to keep our customers updated on the latest technological developments and equipment optimization methods, helping them continuously improve production efficiency and product quality.

Choosing HZM beverage filling machines means not only having high-quality equipment but also receiving thoughtful and attentive after-sales service and strong, reliable technical support. Let us work together to create a bright future!

If you are interested in HZM beverage filling machines or have any related inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing you with the best service.

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