Parameters and prices of water bottle filling machine suppliers

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Update:Sep, 27 /2023

HZM Machinery is a professional water bottle filling machine supplier, offering a wide range of water bottle filling machine products at factory-direct prices. Our engineers provide free guidance on usage and installation, and we offer a quality assurance period of 24 months to ensure product quality. We also support product customization and offer OEM options for a more diverse selection.

If you would like to learn about product specifications and details, please visit our "Water Bottle Filling Machine" page. For a direct quotation, please click on "Request a Quote." Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

water bottle filling machine

Specifications and Parameters

The production capacity of a water bottle filling machine is typically measured in bottles per hour or bottles per minute. The common production capacity ranges from a few hundred bottles per hour to several thousand bottles per hour.

Below are some common parameters, but please note that these are for reference only, and actual specifications may vary depending on customer requirements, usage scenarios, and market differences. For more detailed specifications, please "Contact Us."


Name Supplier
Main Motor & Reducer SEW-Germany
Rinsing Pump CNP-China
Inverter SIEMENS-Germany
Touch Screen SIEMENS-Germany
Contactor SCHNEIDER-France
Hot Relay SCHNEIDER-France
Air Switch LEUZE/BANNER-Germany
Photoelectric Switch BANNER-USA
Pneumatic Components FESTO-Germany
Sliding Bearing IGUS-Germany


Model XGF14/12/5 XGF16/16/5 XGF24/24/8 XGF32/32/8
Washing Heads 14 16 24 32
Filling Heads 12 16 24 32
Capping Heads 5 5 8 8
Capacity (Based on 500ml) 5000 8000 12000 15000
Bottle Diameter (mm) 50-110 50-110 50-110 50-110
Bottle Height (mm) 186-350 186-350 186-350 186-350
Dimension (mm) 2360*1770*2700 2760*2060*2700 2800*2230*2700 3550*2650*2700
Power (KW) 1.5 2.2 3.0 4.0

water bottle filling line

The price range for water bottle filling machines varies from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. The specific price depends on factors such as production capacity, bottle size and type, level of automation, materials and standards, additional features, supplier, and geographical location. It is advisable to contact multiple suppliers and obtain quotes for comparison before making a purchase, ensuring that you select a machine that best suits your needs and budget. Additionally, it's important to consider factors like after-sales service, warranty, and training to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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