Stainless Steel 200ml 1500ml PET Juice Production Line

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Stainless Steel 200ml 1500ml PET Juice Production Line

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Pressure Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Type: Filling Machine / Juice Filling Line
Applicable Bottle Type: 200ml-1500ml Application: Juice Tea Drink
Function: Juice Filling Machine Small Fruit Particles: <5mm
Large Fruit Particles: 5mm<fruit Particles<15mm Filling Temperature: 65~85℃
Capacity: 8000 Bottles/hour---36000 Bottles/hour (500ml)
High Light: 1500ml PET Juice Production Line, 200ml PET Juice Production Line, 1500ml juice filling line

Stainless Steel 200ml 1500ml PET Juice Production Line


200ml-1500ml Applicable Bottle Type Stainless Steel Juice Production Line

This machine is a special equipment for one-time filling of pulp beverages in 38-caliber PET plastic bottles, and can also be used for hot filling of other beverages. The filling valve port adopts a streamlined large-flow water outlet design with fast filling speed and high output. It can be filled with pulp beverages with a particle size less than 5 mm. The patented pulp filling valve is proprietary to our company. The filling tank is equipped with a stirring mechanism with adjustable speed. The pulp beverage is evenly mixed under dynamic conditions to ensure filling accuracy.

Note: The size and size of the pulp can be strictly controlled according to the specific situation of the customer, and the appropriate bottle shape (curved bottle shoulder) can be selected.

Specifications of Bottled Water Filling Machine

Model Number of Bottle Rinsing Clip Number of Filling Valve Number of Capping Head Capacity


Bottle Size

Outline Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg) Remark
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml)
DGC06 18 18 6 5000-6000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2480x1980x2600 4000 All-in-one Type
DGC08 24 24 8 6000-10000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2800x2400 x2600 6000 All-in-one Type
DGC10 32 32 10 10000-14000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3300x3000 x2700 7200 All-in-one Type
DGC12 40 40 12 14000-18000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3900x3180 x2700 9000 All-in-one Type
DGC15 50 50 15 18000-20000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5300x4200 x2900 10000 All-in-one Type
DGC15 60 60 15 20000-24000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5700x4600 x2900 12000 All-in-one Type
DGC18 72 72 18 22000-28000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 6600x5100 x2900 15000 All-in-one Type


The adoption of low vacuum pressure filling method helps our juice, tea drink filling machine accomplish high filling speed, high filling precision and great filling quality.
Bottles are conveyed by the air conveyor, transported by clipping the bottle neck and put out by normal conveyor chain. Thus, it is easy to change bottle size.
"PICK, PLACE" capping system is used to ensure reliable capping, magnetic torque structure is used for convenient torque adjustment.
3-in-1 monoblock greatly shortens the process of washing, filling and capping, which can effectively reduce product pollution and help keep the machine clean and sanitary.
High efficiency of this filling machine results in low production cost.
Due to the utilization of frequency conversion motor + PLC + man-machine interface, production speed, shift production and failure alarm etc. can be displayed on the screen for simple operation.



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