Three Things You Need to Know About PET Blow Molding Machines

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Update:Jan, 04 /2024

PET bottles have long penetrated every aspect of our lives—whether it's food, beverages, cosmetics, or even the medicines we use, you can find its presence everywhere. But how are these PET bottles, with their diverse shapes and functionalities, produced? The answer lies in PET blow molding machines.

PET Blow Molding Machine

What is a PET Blow Molding Machine?

A PET blow molding machine is defined as a production machine used to manufacture bottles of different shapes and sizes. Its operation is not overly complex: relying on applied air pressure, the machine blows air into the heated preform of the bottle and shapes it using specific molds.

The overall production process of a blow molding machine is as follows:

  1. Preheating: The body part of the PET bottle preform is heated to the appropriate molding temperature, ensuring uniform heating of the inner and outer walls. Since the bottle neck is already shaped, it does not require heating. Therefore, the neck is cooled during the preform heating period.
  2. Blow Molding: The uniformly heated preform is fed into the blow molding mold via a chain, and high-pressure air is blown through a core rod into the preform for radial stretching. This causes it to expand against the mold wall, and then it is cooled.
  3. Mold Release: After the blow molding is complete, the machine begins venting to release the mold.
  4. Conveying: The formed PET bottles are transported on a conveyor belt to the next station, where they are lifted and blown out by a lower bottle cylinder.

Where are PET Blow Molding Machines Used?

If you look around at products that use PET bottles, you'll see that PET bottles are not just for liquids—they can also hold solids. The applications of plastic blow molding machines include industries such as pharmaceuticals, food packaging, beverages, cosmetics, and more.

What are the Benefits of Using HZM Blow Molding Machines?

  • Diverse Product Range: Maige Company offers various machine types to meet different needs.
  • Intelligent and Energy-Efficient: The next-generation blow molding machines use servo control, making operation more convenient and energy-saving.
  • High Efficiency Production: Optimized machines cater to various production fields.
  • Competitive Market Pricing: HZM Machinery provides top-notch plastic packaging solutions at competitive prices.

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