Troubleshooting Guide for PET Bottle Blowing PDF

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Update:Jan, 30 /2024

HZM Machinery, a leading manufacturer of automatic PET bottle blowing machines, brings you an in-depth troubleshooting guide in PDF format. Our factory-direct sales and global distribution, coupled with a 2-year warranty and dedicated after-sales engineers, ensure optimal support for your bottle production needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Common Issues in PET Bottle Blowing:
    • Overview of frequently encountered problems during the blow molding process.
    • Identifying issues related to preform quality, heating, stretching, and mold issues.
  2. Preventive Measures:
    • Tips on maintaining preform quality to avoid defects in the final product.
    • Best practices for preform loading and heating to ensure consistent bottle production.
  3. Heating System Troubleshooting:
    • Understanding and resolving issues with the infrared heating system.
    • Temperature control recommendations for optimal preform heating.
  4. Stretching and Blowing Problems:
    • Addressing challenges related to stretching and blowing processes.
    • Adjusting parameters such as pressure, timing, and airflow for better results.
  5. Mold System Optimization:
    • Troubleshooting mold-related issues affecting bottle shape and quality.
    • Mold maintenance and adjustment guidelines for improved performance.
  6. Control Panel Navigation:
    • A detailed guide on using the control panel for monitoring and adjusting machine parameters.
    • Troubleshooting electronic and control-related issues.
  7. Bottle Ejection and Cooling:
    • Ensuring proper ejection of bottles from the mold.
    • Recommendations for efficient cooling to maintain bottle integrity.
  8. Quality Inspection Protocols:
    • Step-by-step instructions for conducting quality checks on produced bottles.
    • Identifying and rectifying defects to achieve high-quality output.


HZM Machinery's PET Bottle Blowing Troubleshooting PDF serves as a valuable resource for operators and technicians involved in bottle production. Whether you are facing issues with preforms, heating, stretching, or mold-related challenges, this guide offers practical solutions to enhance your machine's performance. With our commitment to factory-direct sales, global support, and a 2-year warranty, HZM Machinery ensures that your bottle production processes run smoothly and efficiently. Download our troubleshooting guide today for a seamless PET bottle blowing experience.

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