What are the installation precautions for the milk filling machine?

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Update:Jul, 30 /2023

The milk filling machine is a fully automatic filling equipment widely used for non-carbonated beverages such as various dairy drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, soy sauce, vinegar, and other liquid seasonings. So, do you know what precautions should be taken during the installation of the milk filling machine?

The installation precautions for the milk filling machine are as follows:

  1. When unpacking the machine before use, first check whether all the accompanying technical materials are complete and whether there is any damage during transportation, to facilitate timely resolution of any issues.
  2. Install and adjust the feeding and discharging components according to the outline drawings shown in this manual.
  3. Apply fresh lubricating oil to all lubrication points.
  4. Use the hand crank to rotate the machine and check if the machine is running in the correct direction. The machine must be properly grounded.

The milk filling machine is used for producing milk, fruit juice, and other beverages, employing a negative pressure filling, automatic cap-making, electric heating sealing, and capping. When installing the milk filling machine, it is essential to pay attention to the above installation precautions, ensuring the correct installation and use of this filling machine.

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