Overview of Equipment for Edible Oil Filling Production Line

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Update:Sep, 25 /2023

Edible oil, as a perennial consumer industry, attracts many individuals interested in establishing their own oil packaging factories. However, the key challenge lies in understanding how to configure the equipment for an edible oil filling production line, which is crucial for packaging edible oil. Below, let us provide a detailed explanation of the equipment typically required for a complete edible oil filling production line.

Edible Oil Filling Production Line

The entire edible oil packaging process can be divided into three main parts: pre-production preparation, mid-packaging, and post-packaging. We will introduce the necessary equipment based on this division:

1. Pre-production Preparation Equipment:

  • Oil Expeller: Used to extract edible oil from raw materials.
  • Blow Molding Machine: Manufactures empty bottles, preparing them for oil filling.
  • Bottle Washing Machine: Ensures the cleanliness of bottles in preparation for oil filling.

2. Mid-Packaging Equipment:

  • Edible Oil Filling Machine: Precisely fills edible oil into bottles.
  • Lamp Inspection Machine: Checks for defects or foreign objects in bottles.
  • Cap Sealing and Capping Machine: Covers and seals the bottles.
  • Conveyor Belt Capping Machine: Ensures secure bottle closures.
  • Automatic Ring-Pull Machine: Attaches ring-pulls to the bottles.
  • Date Coding Machine: Prints product information or dates.
  • Labeling Machine: Attaches product labels.

Edible Oil Filling Production Line

3. Post-Packaging Equipment:

  • Box Unpacking Machine: Opens packaging boxes for further processing.
  • Box Packing Machine: Places filled oil bottles into boxes.
  • Box Sealing Machine: Seals and closes packaging boxes.
  • Palletizing Equipment: Stacks boxes neatly for ease of transportation.

Optional Equipment: Depending on specific requirements such as production scale, bottle types, and filling ranges, additional equipment can be selected to enhance the production line, including:

  • Bottle Conveying Line
  • Spiral Conveyor
  • Vertical Flip Conveyor
  • Vertical Automatic Cartoning Machine
  • Automatic Capping Machine
  • Cap Locking Machine
  • Cap Shrinking Machine
  • Large Character Inkjet Printer
  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
  • Weight Detection Machine

In summary, a complete edible oil filling production line encompasses pre-production preparation, mid-packaging, and post-packaging processes. The selection of appropriate equipment can be tailored to production scale and capacity requirements, with the option of manual assistance to complete the entire production line.

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