Comprehensive Analysis of Bottled Water Production Line

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Update:Apr, 16 /2024

I. Overview of Bottled Water Production Line

The concept of the bottled water production line is extensive, primarily categorized by capacity, with common specifications including 350ml, 550ml, and 600ml. Its production capacity ranges widely, from 2,000 bottles per hour to 24,000 bottles per hour, while investment budgets range from 200,000 to 5 million. Barrelled purified water production lines mainly focus on 3-gallon (11.3L) and 5-gallon (18.9L) packaging.

Bottled Water Production Line

II. Parameter Configuration of Bottled Water Production Line Equipment

  1. Bottle Shape: Available in round or square polyester bottles.
  2. Bottle Specification: Bottle body Φ50-Φ90mm, bottle height H=150-320mm, bottle mouth Φ20-Φ35mm.
  3. Bottle Cap: Plastic screw cap, outer diameter Φ25-Φ35mm, cap height H=15-25mm.

III. Capabilities of Kexin's Small-scale Bottled Water Production Line

  1. Production Capacity: Specialized in 500ml specification, with a production capacity of 8,000-10,000 bottles per hour.
  2. Workstation Settings: 24 heads for bottle washing, 24 heads for filling, and 8 heads for sealing.
  3. Filling Conditions: Adopting constant pressure filling method.
  4. Compressed Air: Requires 1.0mpa compressed air pressure (provided by the user).

IV. Main Equipment of the Small-scale 6,000 Bottles per Hour Bottled Purified Water Production Line

  1. Machine Frame: Constructed with structural steel and covered with 304 stainless steel for durability and aesthetics.
  2. Bottle Transmission System: Utilizes 304 stainless steel star wheels to ensure reliable bottle transmission and convenient bottle type changes.
  3. Bottle Washing Section: Rotating design with stainless steel clamping structure, ensuring high-efficiency and stable bottle washing.
  4. Filling Section: Contact parts with the product are made of 304 stainless steel. Gravity filling method is adopted for fast and precise level control.
  5. Capping Machine Section: Features magnetic capping with overload protection for high capping quality.
  6. Cap Organizer Section: Horizontal pneumatic cap organizer with electronic cap detection system for automated cap feeding.
  7. Power System: With variable frequency speed control for smooth operation.
  8. Electrical Control System: Features a sealed electrical control box and PLC industrial computer control for easy and intuitive operation.
  9. Waterproof Structure: The main table adopts a full stainless steel surface with a water outlet for drainage. A double-layer door waterproof structure is designed to prevent water splashing onto the door and flowing to the bottom of the equipment. The outer door adopts a stainless steel integrated structure with an observation window and door handle, while the inner door adopts an insert design to prevent water from entering the internal table and electrical control box.

V. Basic Processes after Delivery of the Bottled Purified Water Production Line

  1. Automated Operation: The equipment can operate automatically, stopping when the pure water storage tank is full. Each tank is equipped with a level float valve to protect the pumps and monitor the operating status of the control system.
  2. Comprehensive Treatment System: Includes RO pretreatment (quartz sand, activated carbon, softening, precision filtration), RO treatment, and optional RO pure water post-treatment (e.g., UV sterilization, ozone sterilization) to meet different RO pure water quality requirements.
  3. Rational Configuration: The number of filters and reverse osmosis membranes is calculated based on customer requirements to ensure optimal RO performance.
  4. Standardized Components: All components are standardly purchased to ensure equipment lifespan and easy replacement of consumables.
  5. Rational Assembly: The equipment is compactly assembled for aesthetics and smooth operation.

VI. HZM Machinery's After-sales Service

Installation and Commissioning: We assign experienced technicians and engineers to handle the installation and commissioning of the equipment, ensuring timely completion and acceptance.

Archivalized Management: The operational information of the equipment will be entered into a special archive service management system to ensure prompt attention to the equipment's operational status and regular follow-up procedures.

Service Time Commitment: We will arrive on schedule for commissioning or handling emergencies on-site according to customer needs.

Technical Training: We provide on-site training and training at our company to ensure that customer technicians can proficiently operate and maintain the equipment.

HZM Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to providing you with comprehensive and professional bottled water production line solutions, safeguarding your production needs from equipment configuration to after-sales service.

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