Analysis of the Development of the Beverage Filling Machine Industry

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Update:May, 07 /2023

Since the 1980s, many mechanical manufacturing companies have entered the filling machinery manufacturing industry with strong mechanical manufacturing and design capabilities but lack professional technical knowledge and experience in this industry. Over the years, most companies have mainly developed and produced products through measurement and replication. They lack innovative new product development capabilities and innovative management. In addition, many private enterprises have entered the industry driven by market interests, with small scales and a lack of professional technical knowledge and experience. Some have even jumped directly into the filling machinery manufacturing industry from industries outside of mechanical manufacturing, making their technical level and research and development capabilities even weaker. Currently, most enterprises in the industry are still in the stage of measurement and replication.

Beverage Filling Machine


Overall, there is a significant disparity in funding, technology, and equipment strength among enterprises, and the level of operational management is far apart. Except for a few companies, most of them are at a lower level of development.


The product line is not comprehensive enough, and the supply capacity of complete sets of equipment is poor.


There are not many large-scale companies in the world's beer filling machinery manufacturing industry and beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry. Although the industry's products are relatively rich, the specific manufacturers are limited by their level of development, and the product line is not comprehensive enough. Most enterprises mainly supply products in the form of components or small filling equipment, and only a few can undertake the entire production line project. Due to the level of technology, the overall performance of complete sets of equipment is not satisfactory. Filling machinery manufacturers have limited comprehensive strength in the development of the entire production line. Some individual machines develop well, but supporting equipment development is incomplete, resulting in a significant reduction in the performance of the entire production line. In the high-end market, most enterprises have only a few pieces of equipment that meet user needs. When undertaking projects, they mostly appear as suppliers of supporting equipment, and their market competitiveness is weak.

beer filling machinery


There is a lack of awareness of intellectual property rights, and research and development innovation capabilities are weak.


The filling machinery manufacturing industry lacks awareness of intellectual property rights. First, this is reflected in a lack of awareness of patent protection for independently developed new technologies and products, and second, in the rampant copying and plagiarism of other companies' product technology. Many times, when an enterprise has painstakingly developed a new product, they do not apply for intellectual property protection but hastily launch it on the market to recover funds. Soon after, imitated equipment appears on the market, and many versions emerge in a short period, making it difficult for users to distinguish between authenticity and imitation.


Developers suffer huge losses and want to hold other imitating manufacturers responsible, but because they did not apply for intellectual property protection, they can only let it go. In this situation, some companies that insist on independent development have also fallen into the copying category, and the entire industry has evolved into a chaotic situation of mutual copying. The filling machinery manufacturing industry mainly developed by introducing technology and replicating equipment from large factories. For decades, it has repeated the process of backwardness-introduction-replication-backwardness. Currently, there are few enterprises with independent research and development capabilities, and even fewer have mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights at the international advanced level.


The fundamental reason for this phenomenon is not whether to introduce technology or imitate, but how to view technology research and development correctly. The HZM filling machinery manufacturing industry needs to establish a development concept that scientific and technological innovation is the core competitiveness, not caring about how much profit can be earned today, but how to better meet the needs of users. When meeting the needs of users is given top priority, customers will naturally increase, and the enterprise will gradually become larger and stronger. The machinery manufacturing industry should firmly grasp the market demand, actively research and develop technology and products that meet market demand, and build their own core competitiveness.

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