Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Operation Manual

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Update:Jan, 22 /2024

I. Operation

  1. Check the water level in the cooling tower and start the pump for bottle neck cooling water.
  2. Check the water level in the cooling tank and start the pump for mold cooling water.
  3. Start the high-pressure air compressor and the air dryer.
  4. Check the high-pressure pressure gauge on the machine; only start the machine when the pressure reaches 29 kg. After manually zeroing, switch to automatic mode and ensure the machine runs smoothly. Once everything is normal, press the "Heating Start" and "Blow Bottle" buttons.
  5. After the lightbox reaches the set heating temperature, press the "Insert Parison" button.

II. Quality Adjustment

  1. If the bottle body appears milky white and whitened, it indicates the lightbox temperature is too high. Adjust the corresponding section of the lamp tube temperature based on the whitened position.
  2. If the bottle body appears blue with stretched white, it indicates the lightbox temperature is too low. Adjust the corresponding section of the lamp tube temperature based on the whitened position.
  3. If there is material accumulation at the bottle mouth, increase the temperature of the first-layer lamp tube or reduce the outlet valve of the bottle neck cooling water.
  4. If the bottle mouth deforms, it indicates the temperature is too high. Reduce the temperature of the first layer.
  5. If belly buttons appear at the bottle bottom, the pre-blow delay is too high. Adjust it in 0.01-second increments.
  6. If the bottle neck thickens, the pre-blow delay time is too short. Increase the pre-blow delay in 0.01-second increments.

III. Production Speed Adjustment

Adjust the speed by increasing exhaust time and saturation time, while lowering the overall temperature of the lightbox. For every 0.1-second increase in lightbox cycle time, the temperature needs to be lowered by 1%. Increasing or decreasing speed should not be too fast, with a maximum change of 0.3 seconds each time. Observe the bottle quality for some time, adjust the speed after stabilizing the bottle quality, and carefully monitor the lightbox temperature. The change in the bottle cycle time by 0.1 second corresponds to approximately 50 changes in hourly production. Adjust the blowing speed according to the filling machine's speed.

IV. Common Faults

  1. High-temperature alarm in the lightbox waterway.Solution: Disassemble the waterway connecting rubber hose, use low-pressure air and alcohol to blow and clean the waterway.
  2. Gripper malfunction.Solution: Adjust the slide height or gripper position.
  3. Stuck action.Solution: Restart the machine.
  4. Unable to manually zero.Solution: Check if gripper one, gripper two, and the variable pitch positioning plate are stuck in the corresponding positions. If not, manually position them and then zero.
  5. Incomplete action.Solution: Check for obstructions. Adjust the gas flow valve.
  6. Loud exhaust sound.Solution: Check if the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or detached.
  7. Uneven parison at the bottom.Solution: Adjust the parison position.

V. Routine Maintenance

  1. Lubricate the sliding guide rod with butter every two days.
  2. Grease the mold oil nozzle once a week.
  3. Add liquid lubricant to the heating track and blowing track as needed.
  4. Clean the mold with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol once a week. Regularly check for granular dents on the bottle body and remove mold adhesions from the corresponding positions.
  5. Keep the machine body and interior clean. Remove dirt promptly.
  6. Pay attention to the screws of moving parts and the position of electronic sensors. Tighten or correct if loosened or displaced.
  7. Close the machine's intake valve during long periods of shutdown, such as maintenance or breaks. If the production line is idle for an extended period, turn off the machine's main power.

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