What Is A Bottle Blowing Machine

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1. What Is A Bottle Blowing Machine?

A Bottle Blowing Machine is a device used for blowing plastic bottles for liquid packaging. It is used to blow plastic bottles of different capacities and designs with less than a 0.1% of rejection rate.It uses a PET preform material for the production of plastic bottles.A Bottle Blowing Machine uses a specialized PLC system which is very easy for the user to operate for blowing bottles.

First of all, the preform is heated to form a soft jelly liquid then the air is blown into it. Then the heated plastic attains the shape of the mold cavity of the machine to produce a high-quality plastic bottle.

Bottle Blowing Machine

2. What Can You Make With A Bottle Blowing Machine?

A Bottle Blowing Machine is a budget-friendly solution for the mass production of bottles.You can produce juices, carbonated drinks, mineral water, cosmetics, and liquid detergent bottles.

You can use a Bottle Blowing Machine or making various PET bottles in various shapes, capacities, and neck sizes.This machine is capable of blowing PET bottles of the following capacity ranges:

  • 10 ml – 2000ml
  • 2-liter ­­– 5 liter
  • 5 liter – 20 liter

You can make the PET bottle’s neck of various sizes ranging from 10mm, 20mm, 28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50 mm, and so on.

PET bottle PET Water Bottle

3. What Are The Types Of Bottle Blowing Machine?

There are two main types of Bottle Blowing Machine that you can use for your bottle production.

  • Fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

It is used for bottle production in a fully automatic way.

It does not need preforms to be fed by hand for further processing.

It has a different number of mold cavities i-e: 2-4-6-8 or 10.

You can customize it according to your budget and requirements.

A fully automatic Bottle Blowing Machine can automatically blow 2000 to 10,000 PET bottles in an hour.

fully automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

  • Semi-Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

It is used to blow PET bottles by hand-feeding the preforms for heating and then the product out in hand.

It requires 2 or 3 workers for its operation of bottle production.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

4. What Are The Main Components Of The Bottle Blowing Machine?

Followings are the main components of Bottle Blowing Machine:

  • Servo Drive System
  • PLC Controller System
  • Cylinder
  • Temperature Controller
  • Heating Lamp
  • Air Cylinder
  • Robot Arm

Components Of The Bottle Blowing Machine?

5. How Does A Bottle Blowing Machine Works?

A Bottle Blowing Machine inserts the preforms into the heating oven and softens them at the required temperature.Then it is driven to the mold cavity with specific capacity and size.

The compressed air inflates the processed preforms to attain the shape of the mold cavity.When it cools down the mold opens, ejects the bottle, and trims the excess plastic from the neck of the bottle.  Its work includes three main steps one after another.

In the first step, the preform stretches on adjusted temperature.Then in the second step, it blows the preform to overall distribute the material for the second blow.At the last second blow blows the preform in the shape of the mold cavity to form a bottle.These three steps must be one with proper concentration to achieve high-quality products.

6. How Much Air Pressure Is Required In Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

The air consumption of the Bottle Blowing Machine depends upon its capacity such as ranges from 2.0m3/minute to 10m3/minute.The maximum air pressure requires for your machine is 3.0Mpa and the Minimum air pressure required to blow bottles is 1.0Mpa.

7. How To Operate Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

A Bottle Blowing Machine is equipped with an advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system.This PLC system operates the manufacturing process of PET bottles.

It is a user-friendly system that even a single worker can operate 3 to 4 sets of Bottle Blowing Machine easily.The PLC system of a Bottle Blowing Machine is a user-friendly interface for a fast and accurate information network.

It operates in a highly efficient and budget-friendly way.It takes very low electric consumption with stable heating and air blowing system.

8. Is Your Bottle Blowing Machine Efficient?

Yes! It is equipped with highly efficient operational devices.

Even a 2 cavity Bottle Blowing Machine can easily produce 3000 PET bottles (500ml each) in an hour.A 4 cavity Bottle Blowing Machine can produce 5000 PET bottles per hour.

9. What Are Applications Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

A Bottle Blowing Machine is an important need of all the Bottle production industries.

Which manufacture bottles for various purposes such as:

  • Mineral water
  • Oil bottles
  • Juices bottles
  • Carbonated drinks bottles
  • Cosmetics bottles
  • Fuel bottles
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Chemical bottles
  • Liquid detergent bottles
  • Acid bottles
  • Pesticides bottles
  • Spray bottles

You can use it for small manufacturing projects and also for large-scale bottle production.

Bottle Blowing Machine operates in a highly efficient way for both large and small applications.

10. What Is The Unit Production Rate Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

The unit production rate of bottles Blowing Machine is the number of bottles it produces in an hour.It always depends upon the volume and the size of bottles you are going to manufacture.Generally, it’s about 2000 to 10,000 bottles per hour.

11.What Are The Factors Which Affect The Production Rate Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

The following factors can affect the production rate of the Bottle Blowing Machine.

  1. The temperature of preform affects the shape, surface finish, joint strength, and cooling time directly.Too much higher and lower temperature can affect it badly.Use appropriate temperature for preform heating.
  1. Inappropriate blowing speed and pressure also affect the production rate of this machine.
  2. The blow-up ratio must be developed properly.A very small blow-up ratio will increase preform consumption.The too much higher blow-up ratio will thin the product and the shape will become worse.
  1. The mold temperature and the size of the preform must be chosen according to the properties of the product.
  2. Give proper cooling time to the product to maintain the air pressure and stability of the bottle.
  3. The blowing and molding cycle of the Bottle Blowing Machine Must be short enough to prevent defective products.

12.  What Is The Rejection Rate Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

The rejection rate means the number of units rejected or returned by customers or users.The rejection rate of our Bottle Blow Molding Machine is less than 0.1%.

13.What Type Of Raw Material Is Used In Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET bottle preform

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) preform is used as a raw material in Bottle Blowing Machine in production of plastic bottles.

PET preform is formed by petroleum hydrocarbons in a reaction between ethylene glycol, a transparent liquid, terephthalic acid.

When the process of PET bottle production starts, PET polymerizes for the formation of long molecular chains.

14.What Is The Power Consumption Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

The power consumption of the Bottle Blowing Machine means that how much electric energy per unit time is supplied to operate it. The power consumption of this machine is rated as 10 to 50 KW and the real power consumed during the bottle production is 60% as rated.

15.How Does Your Bottle Blowing Machine Saves Energy?

Our Bottle Blowing Machine is capable of producing PET bottles in a highly efficient and energy-saving way. It is equipped with energy saver lamps designed for small distances and a high-quality servo system. This Bottle Blowing Machine can save up to 30% than others.

16.How To Increases Life Span Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

By practicing following maintenance, you can increase the life span of your Bottle Blowing Machine:

  • Lubricate all the moving parts with smooth oil.
  • Clean your machine daily.
  • Check, if any moving part of the machine is sturdy?
  • Check, if all the screws are tightened?
  • Inspect air pressure source and power supply regularly.
  • Check the heating lamp tube. If broken then replace it.
  • Check pneumatic components for leakage.
  • Clean the exhaust valve from dust.

17.How To Choose The Best Bottle Blowing Machine For Your Product?

You can choose the best Bottle Blowing Machine for your production industry by studying different products based on the requirements and needs of your application. First of all, we request our customers to supply the production capacity and the volume of your production bottle.After checking all your requirements, we supply the best solution for your application.

18.Is Your Bottle Blowing Machine Cost-Effective?

Yes! Our Bottle Blowing Machine is very cost-effective as it has a higher production rate and lower rejection rate.Its performance is more stable than others.

Moreover, it is equipped with a PLC system that is more efficient, easy to operate, and budget-friendly.

19.How To Troubleshoot Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

If you see the following faults in your Bottle Blowing Machine troubleshoot them for optimum working.


A high-temperature alarm of the lightbox water channel.

Corrective Action:

  • Clean up the waterway.
  • Open the waterway attaching the rubber tube with alcohol and lower pressure gas on waterway purging.


Operation stuck

Corrective Action:

  • Restart your machine.


Gripper issue

Corrective Action:

  • Adjust the Jaw Position.
  • Adjust the Height of the Slide.

20.Is Your Bottle Blowing Machine Easy To Maintain?

Of course, our Bottle Blowing Machine is not difficult to maintain.

Maintenance is done to reduce the production cost.

It increases the lifespan and accuracy of the machine for improving the quality of the bottle.

It can be maintained properly by taking all precautionary and corrective measures for good productivity.

21.What Is The Temperature Of Bottle Blowing Machine?

There is no specific limit of temperature in the Bottle Blowing Machine.Its temperature depends upon the preform weight and the bottle thickness.You will require a high temperature if the mass of preform is greater

If you want your bottle with a thick surface you will require a bit lower temperature.

Keep in mind to use appropriate temperature for the production of PET bottles as according to manufacturer manual. Too much higher or lower temperature can affect the production rate of your Bottle Blowing Machine.

22.How To Adjust Temperature Of Your Bottle Blowing Machine?

Generally, the PET preform heating temperature ranges from 75C to 130 C.

You need to adjust the temperature of your Bottle Blowing Machine according to the height, thickness, internal temperature of the workplace, etc.

Another important thing that you should consider during temperature adjustment is how much time preforms stays in the heating area.

23.Which Auxiliary Machines Are Suggested With Bottle Blowing Machines?

Bottom Blowing Machines auxiliary machine


Some auxiliary machines that are suggested to be used along with your Bottle Blowing Machine are as follow:

1-Air Compressor

2-Air Tank

3-Water Chiller

4-Air Filterr

24.Besides Bottle Blowing Machine, What Can You Supply?

Besides Bottle Blowing Machine, We supply an Extrusion blow molding machine for HDPE, LDPE, PP container, bottle cap mold, PET preform mold, and PET preform injection machine.

25.Can You Supply Turn-Key Project Solution?

Yes! We can surely supply the turn-key project solution with complete product details, designs, and equipment from water treatment, product labeling machine, washing/filling/capping machine, and film shrink packing machine.

Currently, the equipment is exported to more than 30 regions and countries in domestic and foreign markets. You can contact us at any time to get prices and specifications.

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